Removing Voleer Applications from the Azure environment


Voleer creates applications within the Azure tenant to access the information required to power our automations and assessments. You have to option of removing the applications after completing desired tasks in Voleer and these applications will be automatically configured as needed when you run Voleer templates in the future.


The following provides steps on deleting Voleer applications within your Azure Activity Directory environment. You may see one or more Voleer applications depending on the templates used and this serves as an example as the removal steps are the same.


  1. Log into the Microsoft 365 admin center with your Global Administrator credentials.
  2. On the left navigation, click Show all
  3. Click Azure Active Directory
  4. On the left navigation, click All Services
  5. In the service list, click Azure Active Directory
  6. On the Azure Active Directory sub navigation, click App registrations
  7. Click All applications and input Voleer into the search fieldApp_registrations.png
  8. Click on the Voleer applications listed to delete them as required.
  9. Using Voleer Azure App for Reporting as an example, click Delete and follow the on screen prompts to confirm deletion. App_Reg_Delete.png
  10. Next, click on Enterprise applications on the Azure Active Directory sub navigation.
  11. Input Voleer into the search field to list the Voleer related applications and delete them as required.
  12. Using the Voleer Template Automation application as an example, click Properties on the sub navigation pane.Voleer_Template_Automation.png
  13. Click Delete and follow on screen prompts to confirm deletion.Delete_Voleer_Template_Automation.png
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