Account Filtering in Templates


This guide helps you use the user filtering capabilities in certain Voleer templates. 

Basic Filtering

To define a filter, select a property and a comparison operator, then provide a value. Below are some common comparison operators

  • Equals
  • Not Equals
  • Starts With
  • Ends With
  • Contains
  • Does Not Contain

Note that the list of available operators and whether the comparison is case-sensitive may vary, so consult the template for applicable guidance.


To include all United States users in a template that processes Office 365 users, define the following filter:

To find all users who have sales in their job title (such as Sales Manager or Inside Salesperson):

Keep in mind that the “Contains” operator will match the value anywhere in the word.

Combining Filters

Multiple filters can be combined by using the And/Or dropdown.

“And” Operator

For example, to include United States users with Sales in their job title:

Using the “And” operator means that both filters must be satisfied for the user to be included.

“Or” Operator

Another example might be to filter users who are in Sales or Marketing department:

Using the “Or” operator means that either filters can be satisfied for the user to be included.

Operator Precedence

“And” conditions are evaluated before the “Or” conditions. So, if you wanted to include users in the Sales or Marketing department who work in the US, you would define the following filter:

Advanced Filtering

Advanced Filtering is available in some Voleer Templates and can be used to define filters not possible in Basic Filtering. Depending on the template, Advanced Filtering can use different syntaxes, so consult the template readme or form for more information.

For templates that interact with Microsoft Graph (Office 365, Exchange Online, etc), Microsoft uses OData query filters. More information can be found here:


To filter Office 365 users who reside in the US, Canada, or Mexico and are in the Sales Department, the following OData filter can be used:

Department eq 'Sales' and (Country eq 'US' or Country eq 'Canada' or Country eq 'Mexico')


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