Voleer Tips and Tricks Guide

Getting Started

  • A Template is a combination of forms and automations that can be used as a tool or to create a report.
  • Workspace provides a secure area where a template is run, data is housed and audit history is stored.
  • Review the readme screen to determine the requirements or permissions needed to run a template.
  • Do you have MFA? Make sure that your Voleer tenant is white listed by following the steps in the MFA White-Listing article.

Browsing the Library

Browse the Voleer library and select an assessment to launch. Here are a few to get you started:

Office 365 User Account Security Assessment

This assessment provides information on all user and service accounts within Azure or Office 365. The dashboard report provides high level information including:

  • Number of compromised accounts from haveibeenpwned.com
  • Number of accounts with MFA and password expiry enabled
  • Countries where there have been successful and failed logins
  • Mailbox permissions that could be potential security risks

Office 365 License Usage and Optimization Assessment

This assessment provides information on licenses tied to your user and service accounts within Azure or Office 365. The dashboard report provides information that can be used to:

  • Find users that are under or over licensed
  • Determine the optimal licensing package to assign during new user onboarding based on job title
  • Discover employees with unique licensing requirements

Tip: Within the report, click on the cells next to the titles to view the available dropdown options for the graph.


Running Assessments

  • The time required to complete the assessment will depend on the size of the environment it is run on. Large environments may take over an hour. Once it’s complete, you will receive an email with the report as a password protected zip file.
  • Progress of the automations can be monitored by clicking Workspaces in the navigation, then selecting the assessment entry in the Instances box.

Customer Support

If the report didn't run

successfully, click on Workspace and go to the activity log where the Instance failed, copy the URL and include it in your email to customer support at support@voleer.com.

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