Micro delay applied and exception occurred while retrieving the inbox rules

Error Messages

Micro delay applied. Exception occurred while retrieving the inbox rules for the user


These warnings and errors usually occurs when more than 1 Voleer report template is executing at the same time using the same user account authorization. Microsoft throttles the connection when there are too many requests at the same time. If the number of requests doesn't decrease, Microsoft will terminate the connection resulting in the report failing to complete.


Run or schedule the Voleer report templates at different times so that they don't overlap each other when executing. If there is a need to execute all Voleer report templates in a small window of time where overlapping reports cannot be avoided, use different Microsoft 365 accounts when authorizing the templates. 

Applies To

  • Microsoft 365 Monthly/Quarterly Report
  • Microsoft 365 User Account Security Assessment
  • Microsoft 365 Targeted Security Notifications
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