Partner License Utilization Dashboard


Information below is in relation to the Power BI dashboard generated by running the Microsoft Partner Report - License Utilization template available at

For information on how to setup the Power BI dashboard to run on your Microsoft Partner tenant, read article Partner License Utilization Dataset.


Problem Statement

Partners have little to no visibility on license assignment and service usage after the initial subscription allocation for their customers. Without this information, Partners can only hope that customers will continue with their subscription when the expiry date rolls around. By having visibility on license assignment and service usage, Partners can proactively monitor and target marketing and educational campaigns to help their customers best utilize their Microsoft 365 investment. 


License Overview

The License Overview page provides information on license assignment status and associated services across your customers based on the license provisioned date. 


License Overview page showing Office 365 E3 license and Exchange service is the most unallocated license and service in the last 3 month

How to do I use this information

By identifying licenses and/or services that haven't yet been allocated across your customer base, Partners can generate marketing collateral to educate their customers on the benefits of license X or service Y. Targeting the largest percentage of licenses / services yet to be allocated will have the widest impact, maximizing marketing dollars.


License Analysis - Provisioned and Expiring

The License Analysis - Provisioned page and License Analysis - Expiring page shows the license assignment status for each customer based on the date of provisioning or expiration, with additional filters on service and license name. Total cost of licenses is also shown within the graph.


License Analysis - Provisioned showing customers with the least number of assigned licenses associated with Exchange on the left hand side to the most on the right

How do I use this information

With marketing collateral at the ready, Partners can use this page to identify which customers should be targeted in campaigns to help drive license assignment.


Services and Licenses Usage

The Services Usage and Licenses Usage page calculates the active service usage month on month per customer for licenses within the specified expiration date


Expiring Licenses by Service shows highlighted customer with decrease usage of SharePoint since October 2020 and associated license Office 365 E3 expiring within the next 3 months

How do I use this information

Identifying trends in service usage across a Partner's customer base may help determine which services are no longer being utilized effectively, therefore being a great candidate for arranging webinars etc to help customers better understand how to use the service.







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